Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Time for jeans and boots


Well.. so much for that steady rhythm, eh? Whenever you think that life is finally slowing down a little bit.. it suddenly picks up steam with work and social issues! ;-)

Anyway, time for a new post.. and yes, it has become so cold in the Netherlands that I had to pick my outfits to reflect that.

A trend that I've been seeing for a long time now (possibly for over a year), is the one of ripped jeans with fishnets underneath. Now.. I'm a fan of jeans and I'm a fan of fishnets, so I'm totally on board with trend! :-D

I love to shop for bargains and if I see a good deal.. I'll get it. It doesn't always mean I'll be wearing it that same year! And that's the story of this leather jacket from the brand ArmA.. they're stuff is amazing, but expensive. But I had been eyeing this jacket for a long time and when it was 50% off, I didn't hesitate one second!

Obviously, I'm wearing jeans because it's cold, so I'm also wearing boots! And these ones are one of my favourites! Simple black over-the-knee boots with a 5 inch stiletto heel from Buffalo. And I think I've mentioned it before.. these are so surprisingly comfortable! 

The one item I haven't yet mentioned is the striped top. I love it with this outfit.. and I will combine this top with other outfits for that parisienne chic feel!

For anyone not familiar with the sky-line.. I'm in Rotterdam again. One of my favourite places to get some photos and video clips with that urban vibe!

Though one of these months, I should just book a ticket to New York with a suitcase full of outfits and do lots of photo and video shoots over there! :-P

Oh, and just to prove I'm relatively responsible.. this was me after getting out of the car. I don't drive with my heels on! ;-)

 It's so dark outside, so I hope you all still can catch some sun!

I actually got a new microphone for my video camera, so I hope my future videos will block out the wind a bit more. Unfortunately, these current videos still have some noise though!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Lace-ups and studs


Yep, getting in a steady rhythm of posting.. sort of. Go me!

My last post featured an outfit from 2016.. but with this post, we're back in 2017. Because I have to face it.. 2018 is already knocking on the door, so I gotta get my rear in gear and step up my posting!!

You all know that I love colourful dresses and colourful shoes, but my first and true love will always be the black dress. The first type of clothing I bought back when I was young.. was a midi-length black dress (I still have it!!).

I do try to look for variety with these black dressses.. and this one has all these laced-up details going up and down the dress. It's from Missguided.. and in my case, that means I have to go up one size. I really hope it's their sizing and not that I'm skimping on my work-out routine! :-P

Now, with an LBD, I usually like black heels.. but this time, I thought I'd wear the studded stiletto heels that were gift from my dance teacher. I really love as they are a) very sexy and b) super comfy for what are at least 5.5 inch heels!

With a black dress like this, I do like a bit of green around me.. so went to the local park to get the actual photos and videos. Dodging joggers and cyclists wasn't easy while wearing these heels!

It was a summer say.. it was hot.. and there was an ice-cream truck. So obviously, one doesn't need higher mathematics to figure out that I got me some! :-D

And yes, I did spill some on my dress, because I'm just clumsy like that! :-P

Finishing up this post with a little hair toss.. not intentional, but my photographer likes taking this pics while I'm not paying attention! :-P

 I hope you all had a great weekend! Now let's take on Monday like a boss!

It was quite a long way back to the car.. so I wore sneakers before and after filming the video clips! :-P